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  1. Frank
    Frank at | | Reply

    HI Tiqni,
    I have tried to install on my raspberry pi 2 without success. What is wrong? I think, I have another kernel version as you.

    uname -r

    If I have tried to install

    sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.18.7-v7+/extra/mcp2515a.ko

    and I get this error
    Invalid module format

    Have you got any idea, what is wrong?

    Regards, Frank

  2. ngochoangimsat
    ngochoangimsat at | | Reply

    I have OBDII Bluetooh and Raspberry Pi with Kodi XBMC. I dont know if I can use canbus to control xbmc?

  3. Gary
    Gary at | | Reply

    I was able to get socketcan to work on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The link to the instructions:

  4. Gul
    Gul at | | Reply

    I have followed these steps and at the end of i got an answer –> cannot find device “can0”

    Where is my mistake?

  5. Gul
    Gul at | | Reply

    Now, I can configure module. I’m sending “sudo candump can0” command but I receive nothing. Maybe this is easy peasy question but i attached this section.

  6. Gul
    Gul at | | Reply

    Hi Tiqni,

    I solved my problem. My mistake is wrong vehicle target bitrate. I change it to 50kbps and everything goes right. Thank you for your all help!

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